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Hallux 1.0 Frost White Women's

Hallux 1.0 Frost White Women's
Hallux 1.0 Frost White Women's
Hallux 1.0 Frost White Women's
Hallux 1.0 Frost White Women's
Hallux 1.0 Frost White Women's
Hallux 1.0 Frost White Women's
Wyde Footwear

Hallux 1.0 Frost White Women's

Introducing the Hallux 1.0, a shoe that combines foot freedom with a gentle touch of Scandinavian design aesthetics. 

Designed with a deep respect for your innate foot biomechanics, the Hallux 1.0 features a foot-shaped, wide toe box and is fully flexible with zero drop and no toe spring. The unique outsole thickness of 13mm makes it suitable for a variety of activities, including everyday use, walks, hikes, gym and CrossFit, and even the office.

The Hallux 1.0 is available in three colors: Charcoal, Frost White, and Dusty Pink.

To learn more about the Hallux 1.0, visit our learn page

To read our shoe FAQ, please read it here


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  • Size Guide


    We recommend leaving a margin of 0.4 to 0.9 cm ( 0.15 to 0.35 inches) in length for an optimal fit.

    Even individuals with wider feet in relation to the inner sole dimensions often discover that our mesh material is accommodating, providing a comfortable fit. 

    The Size Guide is applicable to both Men & Women; the only difference lies in the available color options. 


    To find your perfect fit, follow these steps:

    *video instruction below* For instructions in Swedish, please press here

    1. Find a hard surface to stand on, such as a tile or hardwood floor. Place a ruler or measuring tape on the floor, with the end of the ruler or tape against a wall. Please make sure your ruler starts at zero or add accordingly to your total measurement.
    1. Wear socks and place your foot on the ruler or measuring tape, with your heel against the wall. Slightly bend your knee to put moderate pressure on the measured foot.
    2. Carefully bend down and take a picture of your measurement where your longest toe ends, or mark with a finger or pen either by yourself or with the help of someone else.
    3. Take note of the measurement in centimeters. This measurement represents the length of your foot.
    4. Repeat this process with your other foot, as foot size can often vary between feet.
    5. Use the larger of the two measurements as your foot length when referring to the size chart.
    1. Compare your foot length measurement to the size chart. You do not need to choose a bigger size or go up a size as you might do with other shoe brands. Simply choose the size recommended from your measurements.

    Important Information:

    At Wyde Footwear, we design shoes to promote healthy foot shape and function. Transitioning from restrictive shoes to foot-shaped shoes may feel unfamiliar at first. You may experience a sensation of having room for your toes to spread out and move naturally. 

    However, this feeling of spaciousness is actually beneficial for your feet and can have a positive impact over time. So, if your new shoes feel a bit roomy or odd initially, there’s no need to worry.

    In fact, you may even notice an improvement in your balance and stability. To help your feet adjust to the new sensation, make sure you avoid wearing too tight socks. Additionally, wearing toe spacers inside your Wydes for 10-12 weeks might help your feet adapt and quicker align your big toe, providing additional benefits. 

    We invite you to experience the joy of having healthy, functional feet with our shoes.

  • Product Specifications

    - Outsole: 100% Rubber 

    - Upper: Mesh/Canvas

    - Inner lining: Foam/Cotton 

    - Vegan: Yes 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hanna Jahnstedt

Skorna känns väldigt bra, tillräckligt breda och jag får plats med tåspridare i dem. Känns bekvämt att promenera i dem. Tycker att de är relativt snygga, har vita som känns fräscht på sommarhalvåret. Det enda är väl att vita lättare blir smutsiga. Spännande att ser hur funktionen i mina fötter påverkas när jag har använt dem ett tag.

Toppen Hanna & tack! Hör gärna av dig igen om ett par månader och berätta för oss hur dina fötter känns då. /Melker

Margareta Wormbs

Jag och mina fötter bara älskar att gå i dessa skor! Mjuka, följsamma och snygga! Fötterna känns mer stabila och min balans har förbättrats!

Underbart! Balans är så viktigt i samhället för allmänhälsan, så det är jättekul att höra. Tack! /Melker

Lova Svensson
You will not regret buying Wyde!!

For the first time, I can actually feel my big toe working as it should in a shoe. I will definitely recommend it to everybody I know! They look super nice in white, and I might grab a pink pair as well.

That's the goal! Happy that you are happy. /Melker

Eva Wikman
Wyde Hallux 1.0

Jag älskar mina skor med tillräcklig bredd. Jag kan använda mina tåskiljare i skorna och det är toppen.

Härligt Eva. Dina fötter tackar dig varje dag tror jag! /Melker

Otroligt lätta och sköna

Superbra skor. Mina fötter har gott om plats att breda ut sig, funkar även bra med tåspretare då de är tillräckligt breda. Enkla att ta på sig och är lika sköna som mjuka tofflor och man kan känna att fötterna får aktiveras när man går. Är jättenöjd!

Kul att du är nöjd, visst är det härligt när foten får jobba som den ska! /Melker