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Size Guide for Arcus

The measurements in the size guide are of the removable footbed. 

We recommend leaving a margin of 0.3 to 0.7 cm in length for an optimal fit.

How to measure & find your perfect fit:

1. Wear socks.

2. Stand with weight on the foot to be measured (measure both feet).

3. Measure from heel to longest toe in a straight line.

4. Add 0.3 - 0.7 cm.

5. Refer to the chart and choose the closest size based on your largest foot.

At Wyde Footwear, we design shoes to promote healthy foot shape and function, which may initially feel different. Embracing the spaciousness allows your toes to spread naturally, benefiting your feet over time. If your new shoes feel roomy at first, don't worry - it can improve balance and stability. Avoid tight socks, and consider using toe spacers for quicker adjustment and additional benefits.

Size 36 is 22.8 cm long

Size 37 is 23.5 cm long

Size 38 is 24.2 cm long

Size 39 is 24.8 cm long

Size 40 is 25.5 cm long

Size 41 is 26.1 cm long

Size 42 is 26.8 cm long

Size 43 is 27.5 cm long

Size 44 is 28.1 cm long

Size 45 is 28.8 cm long

Size 46 is 29.4 cm long

Size 47 is 30.1 cm long