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In September 2023, Anna joined our pilot study for The Shoe Effect, a collaborative study between My Foot Function and Wyde Footwear. Her story is a testament to the transformational power of commitment and the right footwear and exercises. Anna's experience is a powerful reminder of how small steps can lead to significant results.

Here are Anna's before and after images.. only one month apart! Read her story below. 

Anna's Foot Health Challenge

Anna's journey to better foot health began with a bunion operation on her left foot in October 2021. Post-surgery, she was told that her right foot would likely require the same procedure. Determined to explore non-invasive solutions, Anna started her quest for comfortable and foot-friendly shoes.

Discovering The Shoe Effect

Anna's pursuit of alternative solutions led her to participate in the pilot study for The Shoe Effect. After her consultation, she began wearing Wyde Footwear and toe spacers in combination with being diligent with exercises from My Foot Function. 

A Commitment to Improvement

Anna's dedication to her foot health journey was truly remarkable. She embraced toe separators and incorporated them into her daily life. In her own words she said I got toe separators and have had them basically 24/7 since then.” 

Anna's Tool Kit for Success

During the study, Anna received expert guidance and recommendations, including the use of the PedesBoard and PedesPocket from My Foot Function. These innovative tools became essential elements of her daily routine, along with specific exercises she had acquired through her education.

Remarkable Progress

What's truly inspiring is the rapid progress Anna made. Her unwavering commitment to foot health, coupled with her use of Wyde Footwear, allowed her to achieve results she might not have thought possible. Anna's journey with us led her to reconsider the need for surgery on her right foot, which we think is amazing. 

Anna's Testimonial

In Anna's own words: "I no longer believe that an operation on the right foot will be necessary...and I thank you for that!!"

She now predominantly wears Wyde Footwear and Altra, recognizing the importance of comfortable, foot-friendly shoes.

From the whole Wyde Team - Thank You, Anna!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Anna for sharing her inspiring story with the Wyde Footwear + My Foot Function community. Her journey reflects the power of informed choices and a commitment to healthier feet. Anything is possible!

Join Anna and countless others who have experienced the benefits of Wyde Footwear. It's not just about shoes; it's about the journey to happier, healthier feet. Take a step forward with us.

Thank you, Anna, for inspiring us all!

Until next time,

Rasmus Svärd

Head of Physiotherapy