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Arcus Peach
Valerie Fogler
Bra kvalite

Inte hunnit användas så svårt säga men dem 3 dagarna jag haft de var skönt att ha rum för tårna! Älskar dem :) får återkomma längre fram med mer info men just nu! Snygga! Sköna!

Härligt att höra & hoppas du får mycket tid i skorna framöver! /Melker

Arcus Peach
Charlotta Lagerqvist
So cute!

Love the colour, design and how absolutely comfortable they are!

We love to hear that, thank you for your review. More coming! /Melker

Arcus White/Black
Lovisa L-J
Skönaste skorna jag prövat!

Så sköna! Och snygga. Skorna skavde på mina fotknölar, fick snabb hjälp från teamet som skickade mig ett extra par inläggssulor. Nu sitter de perfekt! Tack 🙏

Så roligt att höra! Och härligt att du fick snabb hjälp med att fixa en lösning för dig. /Melker

Hallux 1.0 Dusty Pink
Sandra Stenlund

Mycket skön!

Härligt, Sandra! Hoppas de kommer till god användning i vårsolen! /Melker

Arcus Black
Annelie Karlsson
Bästa skorna

Superskönt skor!

Vad kul att höra! Vi jobbar vidare :) /Melker

Hallux 1.0 Dusty Pink
Linda Strandh

Hallux 1.0 Dusty Pink

Arcus White
Kristoffer Conning
My best shoes!

I’ve been waiting on these shoes for a quite a while now and they meet all my expectations. Hallux was a nice shoe but too thin sole for me (and not the best look). These are thicker (or they provide at least more protection) and the design is nice, been wearing them everyday now for a month and they look like new. Great job Wyde, look forward to your next shoe! 🙏🏻

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review for Arcus White! We are thrilled to hear that these shoes have exceeded your expectations and have become your go-to pair. We're so glad that they still look like new after a month of wear! Thank you for choosing Wyde, and we can't wait for you to try our coming models. Have a great day! /Rasmus

Arcus White
Odus Harwood
Magnificent Shoe

I am 72 years old and I have been active in sports, running, walking, and weightlifting. Yes, I wore athletic shoes and now I have problems with my feet. This shoe is the one for which I have been waiting decades to help correct my problems. I quickly bought a pair of Arcus white and black. I waited some time to get them shipped to the U.S. but the wait was worth it. They fit almost perfectly and I was happy. I wore them immediately everywhere. They are comfortable, roomy, and stable. I was so pleased that I bought 2 more pairs of the shoes—gray and another black. After several weeks of wear now, I am still very happy with the shoes. One minor issue seems to be that the tongue of the shoes seems to slide down toward the toe box on the big toe side. It may just be my feet but maybe there is a way to tie the shoes to prevent the tongue from moving down. I am not faulting anyone. It is a magnificent shoe!

Thank you for your kind words and for choosing Arcus White. Experiences like yours drive are the reason for starting Wyde Footwear and trying to create future models for all parts of life, so thank you for sharing your experience with us! We also appreciate your feedback about the tongue sliding down and we will definitely look into ways to improve this in the future. Thank you for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy your Arcus shoes. Have a wonderful day! /Rasmus

Arcus Black
Linnea Österberg

Äntligen en sko skapad för friska fötter, som även är riktigt snygg!
Jag är imponerad över hur mjuk och skön skorna är, och mina fötter mår riktigt bra av att gå i dem.
Självklart 100% bra sko och givet 5 stjärnor av 5 möjliga!
Längtar redan efter nästa nya design och funktion

Underbart att höra! Mer kommer! /Melker

Arcus Peach
Ylva Gunillasdotter
I love my new shoes!

Not only are they comfortable but also cute. Yesterday when walking in Stockholms hipster neighbourhood I was stopped twice by people asking me about my shoes. I hope they will find themselves a perfect pair as I did. Life is easier with painless feet!

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience. We're so happy to hear that you love them and have received compliments on them. We hope they continue to provide you with comfort and style. Have a great day! /Rasmus

Arcus White
David Bodiroza
So comfy and nice minimalist sneakers

I'm really pleased with ny new pair of Wyde Arcus white. Have long saught for sneakers with a wide toe box and finally I have found them! Won't be my last pair, though I hope that they will last long🙏

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review for our Arcus White sneakers. We're thrilled to hear that you find them comfy and love their minimalist design. It's great to know that you finally found a pair with a wide toe box – we're happy to have been able to provide that for you. We hope they last you a long time and we can't wait to have you back for your next pair. Take care! /Rasmus

Great shoes

I can strongly recommend these shoes, they feel good and look more like "normal" shoes than other types does. Y

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our shoes. We're glad to hear that you are enjoying them and that they have a more 'normal' look compared to other types, that is one of our goals!. Thank you for recommending them. We appreciate your support! /Rasmus

Arcus Black
Jeanine H.
Best shoes for my super wide feet ever! The socks are amazing, too!

I ve been super desperate to find shoes that would fit my very wide feet. At age 27 I ve already had severe deformation and surgeries on both feet due to unfit footwear. These shoes are truly life changing! One issue I have always had with minimal shoes is that they always look "different" and can't be casually worn in the office because I would always stand out. The Arcus look stylish and I feel very comfortable.
One game changer are the Foot Shaped Socks. So comfortable and cushioning. It would be great if they would also come in black. I ll definitely order again.

Jeanine, thank you so much for taking the time to leave areview for our product, Arcus Black. We are thrilled to hear that our shoes have been able to provide comfort and support for your wide feet. We understand the struggle of finding shoes that fit, and we are happy to know that we could make a difference for you. We are also glad that you are enjoying our Foot Shaped Socks. We will definitely take note of your suggestion for black socks in the future. Lots more coming from us going forward. /Melker

Arcus Peach
Saga T.
The most comfortable shoes

I've tried a few different brands of barefoot shoes but WYDE footwear is by far the most comfortable I've tried. Great design and colour, and they are so comfortable. Provides a really good feeling with the ground even with a thicker sole. Love the width. Looking forward to seeing how my feet will improve over time using both Arcus and Hallux!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a positive review for the Arcus Peach! We are thrilled to hear that you find them to be the most comfortable functional shoes you have tried. Thank you for choosing Wyde and we appreciate your support! /Melker

Arcus Black
Mimi A

These shoes are very comfortable and are helping me regain some mobility after a recent surgery. The chunky style is honestly a big change for me. But I take it as a challenge to see how I can style myself differently now. I appreciate that the shoes follow my natural foot shape (narrow heel, extra wide toes) and have some heft and cushion to the soles. And the all black version is a good addition to my work wardrobe which allows me to wear smart sneakers.

Hi Mimi, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review for the Arcus Black. We're thrilled to hear that they are providing comfort and aiding in your recovery after surgery. We understand that the chunky style may be different for you, but we're glad you're embracing it and finding ways to style yourself in new ways. Thank you for choosing Wyde! /Melker

Arcus Gray
Birgitta Schale

Mycket bekväma

Väldigt kul att höra, det är det som är tanken! /Melker

Arcus Gray
Christer Lundgren

Very comfortable and, in my opinion, very good looking shoe.

We're so glad to hear that you find them comfortable and good looking. It's always great to know that our customers are happy with their purchases. Thank you! /Melker

Arcus White/Black
Annika Wahlström

Good looking and comfortable. The large area for the toes doesn’t look that big from the outside at all. Two “buts” though, I am a size 37,5 and 38 was recommended using the measurement chart. I find that size too big, but maybe 37 would be too small? The shoe “gnawed” on my ankles at first, now I mostly don’t think about it. A sole to adjust the depth would be good (with the right toe friendly shape).

We are happy that you like our design! Sometimes wide toeboxes with high volume feel different initially, to later feel like a great match for a functional foot.

But we are looking into providing different footbeds depending on what volume feet our customers have. It is also possible to remove the footbed if someone needs more volume. Contact our support if you want us to send an extra footbed to have in your shoe for extra comfort/less volume! /Rasmus

Arcus White
Agneta Werling

Både bra för fötterna OCH snygga, en kombination som jag haft svårigheter att hitta tidigare!

Stort tack för att du tog dig tiden att dela din upplevelse, exakt det du beskriver är det vi försökt skapa med Arcus. Att inte behöva tumma på design, men ändå vara bra för fötterna! Så det värmer våra hjärtan att du delar den upplevelsen, stort tack! /Rasmus

Arcus Peach
Eva N. Freitag
Learning to walk

The design is nice, the color is soothing for the eye and exactly as shown on the pictures. The shoes are comfortable and very wide, maybe too wide for my foot, despite the hallux, and that is why I have the feeling, that I am still learning to walk with them.

Thank you for your review of our Arcus Peach shoes. We're glad to hear that you like the design and color, and that they are comfortable for you. In the beginning they can feel very wide, but most often your foot will widen and become stronger, and the shoe will feel like the perfect fit for you! Thank you for choosing our product and we hope you continue to enjoy them /Rasmus

Underbara skor

Jag är jättenöjd. Aldrig känt mig så bekväm. Tack ska ni ha! 🤗

Underbart att höra Diana! /Melker

Riktigt bra

Den här varianten fungerar toppen. Så bra att det gick att beställa i small som passar oss med smala fötter. Har testat många olika varianter, men dessa tåseparerare är de bästa. Heja er!

Vad kul, Lina! Tack för din recension /Melker

En sko som faktiskt är fotformad!

Har alltid haft svårt med skor på grund av breda fötter vilket ledde mig till barfotaskor. Nackdelen med de barfotaskor jag skaffade var att de inte var riktigt fotformade och inte hade tillräcklig ”dämpning” för att vara sköna att gå på asfalt med.

Hallux är faktiskt fotformade - till skillnad från ALLA andra skor jag kollat på/användt.
Meshtyget med dess (kanske något för stora) hål gör skon väldigt skön för inomhusbruk (och varmare väderlek) men något opassande i snöväder. Ser fram emot kommande versioner (en vintersko skulle vara fantastiskt)!

Vi hade samma upplevelse som du, och därför föddes Wyde! Håll utkik framåt för spännande nyheter! /Melker

Hallux 1.0 Charcoal
Marit Lundell


Hallux 1.0 Charcoal
Lena Svanström
The Most Happy Feet

Have you once tried Wyde Footwear, you feel your other shoes are not comfortable.

You are not the only one with this experience, and we are happy you share your thoughts! When the foot adapts to the wide toebox, other shoes might feel too narrow /Rasmus